The purpose of the Cholla High School Family Engagement Team is to provide support for the school, staff, and students.
Meeting Schedule
Family Engagement Team Members
Site Administrator
Frank Armenta - Contact Mr. Armenta by email
Sharon Ingram- Contact Ms. Ingram by email
Certified Members
Gloria Nelson - Contact Ms. Nelson by email
Erik Hertwig - Contact Mr. Hertwig by email
Ilse Billings - Contact Ms. Billings by email
Teresa Green - Contact Ms. Green
April Ruiz-Alegria - Contact Ms. Ruiz-Alegria
Anthony Delgao - Contact Mr. Delgado by email
Brenda Boehler - Contact Ms. Boehler by email
Patricia Ojeda - Contact Ms. Ojeda by email
Classified Staff
Vanessa Hertwig (SCL) - Contact Ms. Hertwig by email
Elizabeth Virgen-Sandoval (SCL/Attendance Tech) Contact Ms. Virgen-Sandoval
Ana Patricia Gonzalez
Fabiola Santoyo
Javier Morales
Vanessa Hernandez
Natalia Salazar
Lisa Titus
Estella McClain
Gabriel Gonzalez
Giovanni Gonzalez
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