The purpose of the Cholla High School Site Council Team is to provide support for the school, staff, and students.
School Site Council Members
Certified :
Bill Greenberg - william.greenberg@tusd1.org
Gloria Nelson - gloria.nelson@tusd1.org
Katie Dong - katie.dong@tusd1.org
Lorraine Hetschel - lorraine.hetschel@tusd1.org
Erircca Arvizu - ericca.arvizu@tusd1.org

Administrators :
Frank Armenta - frank.armenta@tusd1.org
Cathy Adams - cathhy.armenta@tusd1.org
Sharon Ingram - sharon.ingram@tusd1.org
Tariq Rasool - tariq.rasool@tusd1.org

Classified :
Jenny Miles - juanita.miles@tusd1.org

Community :
Ron Marlin - (waiting for permission)
Meeting Schedule
Meetings are every 3rd Tuesday of the month
(We reserve the right to change)
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