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School Staff

Administrative Department
Mr. Cesar Miranda, Principal

Principal Cesar Miranda
Contact Mr. Miranda by email
It is an honor and a privilege to serve as principal of Cholla High School!  My goal is to maintain a safe learning environment for faculty and staff as we well as provide students with the skills needed to be successful in life after high school.  Cholla students “Charge Fearlessly Toward Academic and Personal Excellence”!  
Mr. Tariq Rasool, Assistant Principal

AP Mr. RasoolContact Mr. Rasool by email
Facilities, Athletics, and Activities
My name is Tariq Rasool and I am the Assistant Principal of Operations, Athletics, Activities, campus Facility and security. My main responsibility is the culture and climate of the school.
Ms. Sharon Ingram, Assistant Principal

AP Mrs. Ingram
Contact Mrs. Ingram by email
Student Services
As the Assistant Principal of Student Services, my goal is to provide comprehensive programs and services to promote the academic success and well-being of all students, while honoring their multiple and diverse identities.
Ms. Cathy Adams, Assistant Principal

AP Cathy Adams
Contact Ms. Adams by email
Teaching and Learning
It is my honor to work with all students at Cholla High School. I am in charge of Teaching and Learning here at Cholla. We have a great team to help all students be successful and look forward to higher education. Please let us know if we can be of assistance.
Office Manager, Human Resources and Payroll Info
Renee Parra
Contact Mrs. Parra by email

Administrative Assistant
Mary Carpio
Contact Mrs. Carpio by email
Offices of Ms. Adams and Mr. Rasool

Office Assistant
Vanessa Carrasco
Contact Ms. Carrasco by email

School Community Liaison / Social Media Facilitator
Vanessa Hertwig
Contact Mrs. Hertwig by email

Nurse's Office
Kathy Long, RN, BSN
Jenny Miles, Health Assistant
Contact Ms. Long by email
Contact Ms. Miles by email
520-225-4029 (fax)

Karla Kramer
Contact Ms. Kramer by email
Academic Departments
AVID Coordinator:
Staci Worthman - Contact Ms. Worthman by email
Joy Noriega - Contact Ms. Noriega by email
Major Steven Spiece - Contact Major Spiece by email
Career and Technology
CTE Department Chair:
Lucia Swift  - Contact Ms. Swift by email

Jennifer Adams - Contact Ms. Adams by email
Dr. Maritza Diaz-Collazo - Contact Dr. Collazo by email
Michael Hensley - Contact Mr. Hensley by email
Dr. Janelle Hunter - Contact Dr. Hunter by email
Bernardo Jimenez - Contact Mr. Jimenez by e-mail
Rueben Loya - Contact Mr. Loya by email
Gloria Nelson - Contact Ms. Nelson by email
 English and ELD
English Department Chair:
Jessica Slade - Contact Ms. Slade by email

ELD Department Chair:
Ericca Arvizu - Contact Ms. Arvizu by email

Maria Blake - Contact Ms. Blake by email 
Kerry Bradway - Contact Mr. Bradway by email
Bonni Castillo - Contact Ms. Castillo by email
Eduardo Contreras - Contact Mr. Contreras by email
Jason Godfrey - Contact Mr. Godfrey by email
Kristin Gould - Contact Ms. Gould by email
Erik Hertwig - Contact Mr. Hertwig by email 
Nichole Garcia - Contact Ms. Neal by email
Emily Owens - Contact Ms. Owens by email
Michael Robertson - Contact Mr. Robertson by email
Jessica Slade - Contact Ms. Slade by email
Kayla Spies - Contact Ms. Spies by email
Krystal Thomas - Contact Ms. Thomas by email
Reyna Walters - Contact Ms. Walters by email
Exceptional Education
Exceptional Ed. Department Chair:
Julie Lindner - Contact Ms. Lindner by email

Renee Bennett -Contact Ms. Bennett by email
Jackie Bryant - Contact Ms. Bryant by email
Maria Guayante - Contact Ms. Guayante by email
Stephen Knoedler - Contact Mr. Knoedler by email
Garrick Malone - Contact Mr. Malone by email
Glodie Medura - Contact Ms.Medura by email
Jane Moore - Contact Ms. Moore by email
Linda Stewart - Contact Mrs. Stewart by email
Stephanie Stewart - Contact Ms. Stewart by email
Julia Westfall - Contact Ms. Westfall by email
Fine Arts
PE & Fine Arts Department Chair:

Cristian Barajas - Contact Mr. Barajas by email
Timothy French - Contact Mr. French by email
Christopher Moseley - Contact Mr. Moseley by email
Richard Rubin - Contact Mr. Rubin by email
William Wiggins - Contact Mr. Wiggins by email
Matt Wolf - Contact Mr. Wolf by email
Math Department Chair:
Francisco Valenzuela - Contact Mr. Valenzuela by email

Christian Alegria - Contact Mr. Alegria by email
Charles Campbell - Contact Mr. Campbell by email
Tolga Gungor - Contact Mr. Gungor by email
Amos Johnson - Contact Mr. Johnson by email 
Fotios Kouronunitotis - Contact Mr. Kouronunitotis by email
Dalia Maldonado - Contact Ms. Maldonado by email
Lilliana Munoz - Contact Mrs. Munoz by email 
Corinne Tresvik - Contact Mrs. Tresvik by email
Ulisses Valenzuela - Contact Mr. Valenzuela by email
Physical Education
PE & Fine Arts Department Chair:
Fermin Gil - Contact Mr. Gil by email
Health History (in PDF)

Tyler Case - Contact Mr. Case by email
Eric Eia - Contact Mr. Eia by email
Cody House - Contact Mr. House by email
Monique Romero - Contact Ms. Romero by email
Faith Schild - Contact Mrs. Schild by email
Elizabeth York - Contact Mrs. York by email
Science Department Chair:
Valerie Frazier - Contact Mrs. Frazier by email

Jonathan Babb - Contact Mr. Babb by email
Patrick Byrne - Contact Mr. Byrne by email
Allan Dalton - Contact Mr. Dalton by e-mail
Lorraine Hetschel - Contact Mrs. Hetschel by email
Nicole Kalal - Contact Mrs. Kalal by email
Glendell Lastimosa - Contact Ms. Lastimosa by e-mail
Andy Miller - Contact Mr. Miller by email
Andrew Sennett - Contact Mr. Sennett by email
Edward Young - Contact Mr. Young by email
Social Studies
Social Studies Department Chair:
Judy Stoner - Contact Mrs. Stoner by email

Brenda Boehler - Contact Ms. Boehler by email
Daniel Collin - Contact Mr. Collin by email
Katie Dong - Contact Ms. Dong by email
Cynthia Esquer-Rico - Contact Ms. Esquer Rico by email
George Parra - Contact Mr. Parra by email
Scott Remington - Contact Mr. Remington by email
David Rubin - Contact Mr. Rubin by email
Linda Santa Cruz - Contact Mrs. Santa Cruz by email 
Hermanus Visagie - Contact Mr. Visagie by email
Special Programs
Brisa Gutierrez - Contact Ms. Gutierrez
Marie Pina - Contact Mrs. Pina by email
Richard Pines - Contact Mr. Pines by email
Bonnie Worthman - Contact Ms. Worthman by email
Staci Worthman - Contact Ms. Worthman by e-mail
World Languages
World Languages Department Chair:

Graciela Garcia - Contact Ms. Garcia by email
Nour Jandali - Contact Ms. Jandali by email
Christina Martini - Contact Ms. Martini by email
Elizabeth Nunez - Contact Ms. Nunez by email
Liliana Rascon-Valdez - Contact Ms. Rascon-Valdez by email
Maria Solis - Contact Ms. Solis by email
Robert Valencia (Yaqui Team) - Contact Mr. Valencia by email
Carlos Vasquez - Contact Mr. Vasquez by email
Attendance and Registration
Mary Cordova - Contact Ms. Cordova by email

Registration/Attendance Tech
Luz Wimberly - Contact Ms. Wimberly by email
520-225-4000 / 520-225-4202
Georgina Neufeld - Contact Ms. Neufeld by e-mail
Counseling Department
Counselor: Last Names A-E, O
Alexandra Tsosie - Contact Ms. Tsosie by email

Counselor: Last Names F-K, P
Gina Florio - Contact Ms. Florio by email

Counselor: Last Names L-N, ELD Students
Ricardo Valdez - Contact Mr. Valdez by email

Counselor: Last Names Q-Z
Rebecca Hoy - Contact Ms. Hoy by e-mail
College and Career Counselor
Lupita Cabral - Contact Mrs. Cabral by email
Social Services
Leslie Fragozo - Contact Ms. Fragozo by e-mail
Craig Wunderlich - Contact Mr. Wunderlich by email
Support Services
Dropout Prevention Specialist
Virgil Henderson - Contact Mr. Henderson by email

MTSS Coordinator

School Psychologist
Eric Jeffers - Contact Mr. Jeffers by email
School Social Worker - Ex Ed
Lisa Valenzuela - Contact Ms. Valenzuela by email
CAP Coordinators
Tammy Case - Contact Ms. Case by email
Judy Stoner - Contact Ms. Stoner by email

ELD Coordinator
Ericca Arvizu - Contact Ms. Arvizu by email

AVID Coordinator
Staci Worthman - Contact Ms. Worthman by email
Joy Noriega - Contact Ms. Noriega by email
Campus Security
Security Officers
Gustavo Acosta - Contact Mr. Acosta by email
Altagarcia Altamirano - Contact Ms. Altamirano by email
Jose Garza - Contact Mr. Garza by email
Paula Quezada - Contact Ms. Quezada by e-mail
Raul Vega - Contact Mr. Vega by email

Academic Support Personnel
Dean of Students
Joy Noriega - Contact Ms. Noriega by email

IB Coordinator
Dr. Teresa Green - Contact Dr. Green by email
Curriculum Service Provider
Stephen Sagi - Contact Mr. Sagi by email
School Psychologist
Eric Jeffers - Contact Mr. Jeffers by email
Mexican American Student Services
Native American Student Services
Juanita Mesquita - Contact Ms. Mesquita by email 

African/American Student Services
Kamilah Johnson - Contact Ms. Johnson by e-mail